Friday, May 13, 2011

Why I'm not a badass

So occasionally, Himself and myself have conversations about whether I should be a badass or not.

It usually goes along the lines of:

ME:  I did some enormous favour for someone today at work and they didn't even say thank you.

HIMSELF:  Well, why did you do that?

ME:  Hangs head... I dunno.  I guess I thought it would be nice.

HIMSELF:  Well why are you home moaning about it.

ME:  Hangs head... I dunno.  I guess I thought they would be nice.

This evening, we were having a major life-changing type conversation along the lines of 'if we're just going to be nice, then maybe we should not work for people and work for ourselves', which is kinda where we're heading right now due to being sick of working for deh man.  I was getting a lecture about not taking any more shit from people.  Himself was unloading the dishwasher when he was lecturing me, which meant it was serious, as usually he doesn't multi-task.

Then I noticed the dog was pawing at the spice cupboard and opened the door and found a mouse nest.

Then I realised that some of the spice bags were gnawed and empty:
- the pine nuts
- the almonds
- the filiberts
- the walnuts
- the brazil nuts
- etc.
- and the rosemary.

All gone.

Himself set a trap with some trail mix and dental floss. 
I was very upset.
After dinner, we were sitting watching tv when suddenly


I ran in. 

It was a pregnant female.

I got it out of the trap and laid it gently on top of some straw in the strawberry patch. 

I dunno.  Maybe she'll live.

We stood on the deck for a moment, savouring the lack of rain.

I can't win at work, I said.  I can't even kill a friggin' mouse.

We have to kill the mice, Himself said.  We'll be inundated.

On an intellectual level, I know all this.

Tonight I apologised to my husband for being the biggest woos in the world.  And he said it was okay.

So I guess it's okay.

I'll just go and check now, see if she made it.

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